Dr. Guzman New York Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Christian Guzman Headshot From the initial telephone appointment that is made, Dr. Guzman will treat you with courtesy and respect. The initial complimentary consultation will be a one on one, professional and private, conversation where your goals will be discussed as well as the procedures to help meet them. Dr. Guzman prides himself in post-operative pain control that has many patients thanking us for making their experience very manageable.

“Our patients are always volunteering their time to speak to potential new patients about their experience with us and I believe this says a lot about my staff and myself.” – Dr. Guzman

Dr. Guzman offers a complete range of cosmetic surgery procedures – including facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. His commitment to providing the highest quality care has help countless patients achieve their desired goals, once the decision to go forward with cosmetic surgery is made.

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Dr. Guzman uses the most advanced surgical techniques in order to produce an aesthetically pleasing result without creating an unnatural, or “operated-on,” appearance.

Dr. Guzman Office

At our offices serving the New York area, Dr. Guzman, and his friendly, personable staff are devoted to making you feel welcome, comfortable, and secure with your decision to have plastic surgery. We understand that your body is precious to you, so we promise to provide only the finest care and surgical enhancements.

New York Cosmetic Surgery

Our luxury and state-of-the-art surgical facilities offers patients the utmost in personal comfort as well as aesthetics. You deserve a peaceful, private and comfortable location in which to see the doctor, have surgery, recover and be attended to. You will not find more comfortable surroundings anywhere.